2014-2015  Mobile Technology Startup, Shenzhen
Senior Designer

Honored to have worked with OnePlus at its beginning stages to develop it’s brand identity and established scalable branding guidelines for future use and adaptations. The identity was developed based on the founder’s - Pete Lau and Carl Pei’s unique business vision. This project is definitely an important part of my career, hope you would enjoy the case study as I bring you through our process in designing OnePlus’ identity.


At the very beginning, OnePlus has started off its operations before having a released product in the market. The marketing team had began generating awareness by highlighting key partnership with Cyanogen Mod. This is a strategic partnership as OnePlus’ vision is to create affordable high quality products that answers to people’s expectations, which aligns with what Cyanogen Mod’s community.

What we want people to say:

Craftmanship | Inspirational | Confident | Transparency | Passion | Design | Potential



Looking at the landscape of competitor logo marks, we noticed that there’s a mixture of different approach used in their logos. A majority of them had the name of the company spelled out, others combines the type with a symbol. Apple was the first one to really utilize the power of a good graphic mark.



We doesn’t want to create another corporate feeling logo, we wanted something that is modern, fresh and attractive. Something that can clearly stand for OnePlus’ vision and its rebellious nature followed by its bold ‘Never Settle’ attitude. We made use of the versatility of the word OnePlus, which could also be read in the same way when presented as 1+. 

We made use of thin lines keeping it geometric, and a very bold and eye catching color. The plus element is placed in the upper corner with a purpose, we wanted this mark to be able to extend and adapt into other branded elements that OnePlus may expand to in the future.



After confirming the logo mark, we’ve moved on to develop the brand guidelines. We need to desgin a system that is versatile enough to enable room for evolvement of the brand down the road. Since our logo is designed with the versatility element in mind, developing guidelines for future OnePlus branded products isn’t as difficult as it could’ve been for other brands.



Branding is applied across all mediums of OnePlus's assets.
Below is the web design done for their very first flagship smartphone, OnePlus One. 


"Johanne had played an important role in OnePlus which helped shape and
brought us to where we are today. I believe that having Johanne as an addition
to any creative team would be extremely beneficial and I would recommend Johanne
for any creative roles in the future. I’m confident to recommend her
for any creative leadership roles as well.

Carl Pei - Cofounder, Global Director of OnePlus

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