2012-2014  Technology Startup, Vancouver Canada
Product Designer

yWorld is a collaborative networking platform designed for professionals aiming to better showcase their strength and talents. Working with universities to onboard potential users and to conduct different usability tests to ensure feature funtionality and positive user experience. 



Like other projects, I always start with understanding the business requirement and objectives. After receiving sufficient amout of research data to validate our vision, I start with creating different user stories which I would review with stakeholders to determine the scope of work. Our small team works closely with developers to understand constraints and how these issues would affect the overall experience. Different UX methods were applied such as competitor analysis, field studies and usability testing to help us understand our users. Since we're quite a small team, I am also responsible on designing the UI and setting UI guidelines for developers. In between different stages, I work closely with stakeholders and developers. 


  • Assist on conducting initial market and user research
  • Information architecture, generating user profiles and content organization
  • Redesigning the UI from alpha to beta,  with improved visual hiearchy and strengthened branding. 
  • Launching collaborative tools that allow users to collaborate realtime on platform based text document and white board. 
  • Launching of platform hosted 4-way video/voice calls
  • Designed the onboarding flow that successfully activated 10K users in North America
  • Designed the iOS/Android experience and worked tightly with third party vendors with detailed specifiaction documents 

"Johanne is an irreplacable member of our team. She doesn't just design,but she also seek to understand bussiness goals and advocates the importanceof user needs. Providing solutions that can achieve balance between bussiness requirements and user experience"

Kam Gill - CEO of yWorld of 2 Dots Inc

"Johanne handles herself professionally at every turn, with an eye for user interaction design and a passion for creating something that everyone will enjoy to use it is no surprise that she is a top her field."

Gaelen Norman - Lead Front-End Developer of yWorld

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